Your New Favorite Gear,

Truly The Best
Lubes Ever

Our special formulas
make going bareback
amazing, even if you
have a bad top.

The Only Protection You
Need When Going Bearback

A top-quality,queen bed-sized, cozy & plush,
water-resistant cover that collects

Spoil Your Dick & Hole
w/ A Forever-Soft
Cum Towel

The softest towel you
will ever feel with
loads of options
to cum on

Shirts That Show
Your Pride All
Year Long

We have something for all
adults no matter what
tribe(s) you belong to.
(All shirts are XS-6XL)

Now Even Tops
Love Getting


We always have something new cuming out,
so visit the tribe again soon! ♥️🐻

You should feel free to be yourself while going bareback, so in our tribe we look forward to you being able to celebrate what makes you special!

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