Most pride flags are designed by one  
    person and it happens to catch on.

    Bearback wanted to give Otters the spotlight that they deserve and we had to make it special.

    So we set out to let the tribe (that's all of you) vote on the how the first ever Otter Pride flag design would look like.

    After a lot of feedback was provided by the tribe this was the design with majority vote/winner!

    Watch The Flag Launch Video

    The Flag was physically made
    by the our friends at the Pride Flags SD tribe!

    Check put there site to get your own Otter Pride Flag
    (coming soon)

    Make sure to show your Otter pride during festivals, parades, and at events!



    This is Bruce the Bear and Ray (Founder of Bearback)
    with the first ever official Otter Pride Flag.

    This exact flag was given to a winning
    tribe member and once we receive their
    photo we will post it here.