The Best (Used) Barebacking Gear Ever!

Wel-cum, I'm Bruce,

I'm a hung and cut, hairy Italian, vers stud in Cali with big balls and w/ an insanely thick, veiny cock with an over-the-top want for fun and naughty play time with hunks of all types.

A creative cutie with a smirky smile and beautiful hazel-brown eyes that will stare deeply into yours as you are pounding a raw load deep into my virgin-tight hole or me wrecking your hole with this slab of 🥩.
Bruce's cock will make you double think about willing to play for such a fat dick. 💦

Between his genuine and fun personality, everyone wants a load from him. Even “total tops” become little bottom bitches begging for their holes to be rammed by such a beautiful penis.

With Love, Bruce!

I keep my Onlyfans free & uncensored in hopes it gets you off and that you consider
ordering some of my new (or used) lube & other sex gear from my top-quailty brand, Bearback (LLC.)

Build-Your-Own Used Gear

Either if you want to ring out a used cum towel drenched in Bruce's piss all over you or use the same lube bottle that had his veiny, throbbing cock swirled around in it, you have cum to the right page!
Sometimes we all get the urge to want to gruzzle down a load of Bruce's cum from a used condom as a mid-day treat during a work-break or whatever gets you off, let Bruce know, and he will  
custom make it for you. We provide secure and safe shipping!

How To Order Bruce's Sloppy Second Gear:

Step 1:
Choose a prodcut catorgory above,

(Used Lube, Cum Covers, Cum Towels, & More)

Step 2:
Choose which "add-ins" you would like. The price will reflect as your choose options so you will also know how much somethign is for eady and quick ordering.

Step 3:
After picking your new favorite usd gear by Bruce, feel free to check out the rest of Bearback's product linup for un-used gear & build your cart.
Once finshed prcoedd to checkout.

I'm using the same secure system I use for my Lube brand
so your privacy is safe with me. Order will appear as "Bearback" on yout bank statment.

Free installment payment options and optional shipping Insurance
are available during checkout.

Step 4:
I will create/send your used gear as requested, though please allow 5-7 days for me to complete it. Once I finsh creating it, I will vaccum seal the applicable items to preseve the smell, taste, and

rawness of them, wrap it perfectly, and ship it out discretly.

You will automatically receive a tracking #
via email once your package is shipped.

If you have any questons and/or feedback to share with me, please email Bruce at

With Love, Bruce!