Raw Reactions & Top Fans


    Bearback is all about our awesome and unique tribe members, like you. Without you, we would not be who we are today and not be able to help fight hate (in many forms) and show all of the world, how special our tribe truly is!

    We love showcasing/featuring our members in their rawest forms - even if that raw form is your actually going bareback, or doing an unboxing of your new favorite gear.

    Here you will see various videos and photos of our tribe just doing what they do best - going Bearback. The only way to show the world our pride is by promoting the genuine reactions of our members when they are engaging with us, loving their new products, and even getting naughty with each other. (You can see all of that on our Twitter @bearbackg). 

    Want to be featured on our site and social channels?

    Take a great image and/or video of yourself wearing, using, or unboxing your new favorite gear and we may share your media with the whole tribe! (Ex: On IG, Emails, Product Images, etc..)

    Send us your media via Dropbox:

    Tap Here To Upload On Dropbox

    *All media uploaded to this Dropbox may be used by BB for product images, website images, social feed images, and more. We will never sell your media and only use it within the Bearback organization!

    • • •

    Here are just a few of our valuable tribe members:


    IG: @the_flomingo.         IG: @the_sassy_gay_guide       IG: @colepwebster  


    IG: @tonyvegaxxx.               IG: @pauliebear96    IG: @melissamarieimagery



    IG: @carebearcasey

    • • • 


    We also believe in recognizing those tribe members that do go above and beyond and truly love showing others why going Bearback is such an amazing experience. We call thoses members "Top Fans.' Below you will see all of the tribe members that have earned this special title. Becoming a "Top Fan" is not about how much you spend on our shop, its about showing us how going Bearback is a genuine love of yours and that you are promoting the word to others! There is no application to apply to be a "Top Fan," as only Bruce the Bear picks them. We are a very hands-on community and the more your show us how you love Bearback, the better chance you have to becoming part of this special group in our tribe. 

    Our Tops Fans:

    Daniel | IG: @sakurarocoto

    Jason | IG: @jasonmoore_nyc

    Otto | IG: @cnolting14


    Brandon | IG: @halloweenfiend66 


    Tyler | IG: @t4mico

     Will | IG: @williamtuata


    Jordan | IG: @jjebaer2.0


    Earl | IG: @pupbalto



    Ryan | IG: @ bearhawaiianstyle 



    Make sure you cum back later to see the newest additions to our Top Fan list.. Hey, maybe YOU will be next! ;)