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    Overview & First Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 1 out of 9 -

    Sept 1st:

    It’s the first of the month and the first teaser we are dropping for our new products arriving at the end of this month (finally)! 🎉

    Each day we will drop a new letter so that at the end of this round of teasers you will know the full name of one of the new products. To keep it interesting we will share a little story about the development of this product to enhance the anticipate. Enjoy! ♥️🐻



    Second Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 2 out of 9 -

    Sept 2nd:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "L," and today's short story is about why it took 3.5 years for this project to be completed.

    When this project first began shortly after Bearback's launch, we embarked on a quest to find a manufacturer capable of handling this project. We managed to locate one, but their assistance in navigating the intricacies of this new-to-us industry was disappointingly lacking. After a period of stumbling and enduring numerous communication breakdowns with this manufacturer, we lost a valuable year of progress. Consequently, we decided to sever ties with this inadequate vendor and start a fresh search. We soon found a team that connected us with the manufacturer we currently work with.

    Since we were determined to be intimately involved in the product's development and ensure stringent quality control standards, we insisted that it had to be designed and produced locally, right here in Los Angeles. While our journey with this manufacturer had numerous positive aspects, their heavy workload, which included globally renowned brands, introduced several delays into our timeline. It took us 2.5 years to fully finish this project with them, although the last year was marred by another vendor issue stemming from their lack of care in fixing their countless mess-ups.

    This story will continue tomorrow alongside the next letter drop! ♥️🐻



    Third Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 3 out of 9 -

    Sept 3rd:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "I," and today's short story is about the innovation that occurred to make this project happen. Since we can't share too many details without ruining the surprise, please allow the allure of mystery to heighten your anticipation while reading this tale.

    This project was conceived by Bruce the Bear within minutes after stepping into his first-ever Cricut party, where immediately a situation occurred that he had never found himself in before. As the night went on, he couldn't help but daydream under the disco ball and neon lights about how he needed to find a solution to the one problem preventing him from having the best night ever. By last call, Bruce had figured "it" out, and over the next few days began the process of bringing his new invention to life.

    Although it only took Bruce one evening to ponder the possibilities he knew everyone would benefit from, it took a few years and a loving tribe to make this entire process happen. Even with some great entities supporting him, one vendor Bruce worked with was so awful that it caused an 11-month delay in completing his project. This vendor repeatedly mishandled the manufacturing of the most crucial component this project needed, despite being globally renowned for their expertise in this area - which is also As time ticked away, Bruce was forced to continue working with them because they offered the best materials for this product, and anything less would have a domino effect on other aspects of the project. He also couldn't lower the standards that this top-quality product was meant to meet, so he personally endured working with them to finish the product without any further delays.

    However, during those 11 unexpected months of delay in launching his new product, Bruce kept busy in his workshop and lab, perfecting every last detail and elevating the already top-quality product into the realm of luxury with extras that truly give it his paw print of approval.

    Join us for the next story and Letter Drop tomorrow! ♥️🐻



    Fourth Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 4 out of 9 -

    Sept 4th:

    The next letter in the name of my new product is "T," and today's short story is about how time worked in our favor when creating something truly magical.

    Bruce the Bear knew what he wanted to create and the love his Tribe would have for it, so he had to make it special. However, during the development of this project, COVID was plaguing the world. Factories were closed, shipping had ceased, manufacturers wouldn't answer messages, resources were in short supply, and getting custom pieces for his new product was tough to come by. Though these issues were out of Bruce's control, he tried his mightiest to source the needed supplies. With plenty of time on his paws and a determination to make this his best product ever, he prevailed and found manufacturers open and able to do the tasks he needed. Now, the final product has what Bruce always wanted it to have, plus more.

    Bruce learned during this period that time is beyond valuable, and every minute spent not actively chasing your dreams, helping others, and making groundbreaking advancements in whatever way(s) makes you happy is just a waste of energy. Bruce put his soul into this project and hustled to make every part of it as special as the next. He funded the project himself, and anytime a roadblock appeared, he would find a way to keep pushing forward and exceed even his expectations. The extra 11 months he had due to the last vendor caused issues, as explained in the pervious letter drop story, but it gave Bruce the time to add two additional features to the product and improve the overall quality yet again. Bruce used his time wisely, and it's going to benefit his Tribe in ways they don't see coming!

    This story will continue tomorrow alongside the next letter drop! ♥️🐻



    Fifth Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 5 out of 9 -

    Sept 5th:

    The next letter in the name of my new product is “A,” and today's short story is about branding. As seen in this letter drop, Bruce is being used to symbolize the letter A, just as he does in our logo.

    This product is meant to stand out in an overly saturated market while providing a way to teach an old pup new tricks. It gives our community a truly inclusive and top-quality product that everyone can enjoy.

    By ensuring that we took Bearback’s expertise in making high-end products to a new level, we ensured that Bruce and his Tribe’s branding was featured on all aspects of this product. By paying attention to even the smallest of details and making them Bearback branded, we showed our Tribe that no detail was overlooked.

    When using a product that allows you to feel your best, it's important we created that excitement from the unboxing and continue it throughout every single aspect.

    This story will continue tomorrow alongside the next letter drop! ♥️🐻




    Sixth Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 6 out of 9 -

    Sept 6th:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "S," and today's short story is about creating something of quality while keeping it simple to use.

    If you compare the first personal computer to one from 2023, you will immediately notice significant differences, such as their sizes and the materials they are made of. When you examine their internal specs, you'll see that the performance and capabilities of these devices are light-years apart. However, at their debut, the first personal computer was advanced for its time, and today, we would never even think about using outdated technology. However unlike in the tech world, many things in life aren't constantly being reinvented often and when they are they are typically done in clunky and not thought-out ways. Leaving all of us with “outdated” items or “outdated items” with bulky enhancements.

    At Bearback, we always say, "we fill the holes other brands miss," because we are driven by disrupting the status quo and doing things in unconventional yet impactful ways for both the Tribe and the world. Our latest products, coming soon, exemplifies this philosophy. It serves as a testament that in life, you need to be different, think differently, and act uniquely to turn something standard into a new masterpiece. We didn't just tell our manufacturers what we wanted; instead, we led them by sharing our desires, being vocal, taking risks, and most importantly, outsmarting conventional approaches. Anyone can create a new product, but making it stand out requires a special mindset that not many possess. We harnessed our creativity, determination, and resilience to create something that stands out, enabling our Tribe to feel their best physically and mentally when going Bearback.

    This story will continue tomorrow alongside the next letter drop! ♥️🐻



    Seventh Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 7 out of 9-

    Sept 7th:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "R," and today's short story is about how Bruce needed to demonstrate reliance to finish this project.

    As the team pushed forward, it became evident that Murphy's laws, particularly the first law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong," were in full effect throughout the project. We encountered a myriad of obstacles, from vendor issues to supply chain delays, the unanticipated need for substantial funding, and time. It always felt like when we took one step forward, we were only to be dragged three steps back in the blink of an eye.

    The second law, "Nothing is as easy as it looks," added a touch of humor to the situation. Friends of Bruce couldn't help but make light-hearted jokes about the seemingly straightforward project that had become a labyrinth of complications. Through it all, Bruce learned an essential lesson about timing in the universe; things happen when they are meant to, and it's important to find peace in that truth.

    Despite the countless setbacks endured over the past 3.5 years, the team truly remained resilient. The unwavering commitment to perfection and sophistication mirrored the meticulous approach Apple would put into a project they took part in. Bruce was determined to make every detail and function of the new product the best they could be.

    Remember that reliance and determination will be what get you through anything in life.

    As the daily letter drop nears the end soon, make sure you stay tuned for the last few stories and the unveiling of something truly exceptional. ♥️🐻



    Eighth Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 8 out of 9 -

    Sept 8th:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "E," and today's short story is about how Bruce created elaborate packaging for this product.

    As shared in a previous story, Bruce wanted and needed this product to stand out from what's currently on the market, including the packaging it arrives in when it gets to the Tribe Member's doorstep.

    Most products in this category either don't have any packaging besides a hanging price tag or come in some type of simple plastic bag. Bruce wanted to ensure that the experience of going Bearback was felt from the moment the Tribe's eyes saw the beauty they had in front of them, even before they opened the shipping container. Since this new product has multiple items that work together, they needed a special box to be sent and showcased in. So Bruce's team found new manufacturers and created a custom box that will be used repeatedly throughout the lifetime of the product.

    We will share a photo of the packaging soon. Please come back tomorrow for our next letter drop! ♥️🐻



    Ninth Letter Drop - Series 1, Story 9 out of 9 -

    Sept 9th:

    The next letter in the name of our new product is "V," and that completes our letter drop. The name of our new product is "VERSATILE."

    If you visit our Instagram @bearbackg, you will see on the grid that we have been dropping the letters backward so the name of the product would be spelled out properly. Yup, we always do it for the 'gram!

    The last story we are going to share for now is why this product is called "Versatile."

    We wanted to make this product perfect for use when you go out partying or if you are staying in for an intimate evening. We also wanted to give you the option to use certain features on it all the time or once in a while. So, just like a "Vers," this product is truly versatile in how you use it.

    We made sure to make it smart so you can wow your new buddy before they even know your name and never forget theirs. We made it for a very niche audience, but for all the people who are part of that community. We made it by importing fine materials and using local designers and manufacturers to build it.

    "VERSATILE" is a special product, and we can't wait for all of you to get your paws on it shortly.

    Thank you for coming along on this journary with us.