Used Cum Towel • (Build Your Own)

Used Cum Towel • (Build Your Own)

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Ever wanted to get off knowing another stud already used the gear you are rubbing on and/or inserting into your holes? We know you do, so that's why Bearback now offers "Bruce's Sloppy Seconds" a special set of gear that you pick what you want deposited onto/into them. There is also used gear that is available that are not build-your-own as well. 

All used gear is original brand-new official Bearback merch that then has the added "extras" onto them based on your selections. 

What you receive:

• 1x Build Your Own Used Gear Item; 

How to Build Your Own Used Gear

Step 1: 

Select the "additions" that you want depostied onto the gear. The more you add of the same type of "addition" the more you save.

Step 2:

All used items are vaccumed sealed immediately after the final "addition" was added onto the item. In-between "additions" (ex: the second load) we will keep the item safe and kept in prestigious condition.

Used Item Order Terms:

• After your order is placed, it may not be altered or cancelled. All sales are final.  Returns and/or Exhanges are not accepted. 

• Please allow approximately 7 days for your new gear to be turned into used gear based on the "additons" selected. Delivery typically takes around 1-4 days in the USA.

• Used gear must only be enjoyed by yourself unless you openly discuss with your "buddy" that the gear being shared with them is used (ex: mixture of lube and piss). 

• Bearback LLC is not responsible for any situations that occur by ordering and/or using used gear. Bearback LLC is the host of these items and not creator of the "additions" added to the Bearback merch by the person.

• Please email with any feedback and/or questions.