Used Cum Cover • (Build Your Own)
    Used Cum Cover • (Build Your Own)

    Used Cum Cover • (Build Your Own)

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    Bruce Breed's Official Used Gear:
    Free & Uncensored OnlyFans: @BruceBreeds

    Have you ever fantasized about indulging in the intimate pleasures of gear that has already been enjoyed by a stud? Or perhaps you seek the thrill of experiencing new gear infused with a touch of naughtiness. Regardless of your desires, we understand that many of our esteemed Tribe members appreciate the allure of pre-owned gear. That's why Bearback proudly presents "Bruce's Sloppy Seconds," an exclusive selection of premium Bearback merchandise that allows you to customize the deposits on and within your chosen items.

    Rest assured, all our pre-owned Bruce Breeds gear is comprised of authentic Bearback merchandise, which has been thoughtfully adorned with your selected "extras."

    What Awaits You:

    • 1x Personalized Pre-Owned Gear Item discreetly delivered to your doorstep.

    How To Create Your Unique Pre-Owned Gear Experience:

    Step 1:
    Select the tantalizing "additions" you desire for your gear. The more of the same type of "addition" you choose, the greater your savings.

    Step 2:
    Non-lube items are meticulously packaged in our premium ultraviolet black glass bottles, similar to those used for our exquisite lubricants. These bottles ensure that the scents and fluids remain fresh, thanks to their airlock design, effectively safeguarding the quality from UV rays.

    Unleash your desires with Bruce Breed's Official Pre-Owned Gear Collection and experience a world of passion like never before. Satisfaction guaranteed—indulge today!


    The Cum Cover now has a detachable folding organizer attached to it for easy storage and portability. More info and photos cuming soon though they are Shipping Now! 

    When it’s time for fun, the last thing you want to do is dig through your closet, find your “special sheets,” strip the bed, and re-make it with stiff, squeaky, cold rubber. That’s why Bearback created “The Cum Cover!” 


    The Cum Cover comfortably protects surfaces from various liquids, lube, and semen, measuring 50” x 59” - the size of a queen bed without pillow area. Its superior comfort surpasses classic rubber sex sheets, and its print remains vivid after many cycles of washing.

    The top-side of The Cum Cover is made from a soft plush microfiber polyester that is cozy to lay on naked. The bottom side is made of a water-repellent durable polyester lining that keeps liquids from penetrating the cover. 

    The Cum Cover is ready to use in just a quick moment since all you have to do is pull it out and unfold it. Now all you have to do is get ready to start moaning in 3,2,1…

    Once the fun is over, you can wash it separately with warm water on delicate and tumble-dry low. Never use bleach on this cover.

    The Cum Cover isn’t just for sex. You can bring it to the nude beach to lay out on since it’s sand-resistant or you can lay it out at the bathhouse, a music festival, or anywhere else you want something soft to lay on or protect the surface underneath it.

    The cover's flexible material allows it to seamlessly fold around furniture so it’s perfect for covering your couch when having a buddy over to jerk off with. Or, you can get multiple Bearback Cum Covers and host a group of buddies to ensure all your furniture is covered from the gooey-milky-gold you are all about to ooze. 

    The cover is also great for those Tribe members who menstruate or for those who take many loads and hold them in overnight since it will help prevent you from getting substances on your furniture due to any unexpected leakage.

    Lastly, the Bearback logo is laser etched into a 100% polyurethane patch found on the bottom-right corner of the cover. It is stitched in well and showcases the top quality of your new favorite “fun-time” accessory.


    Terms and Conditions for Pre-Owned Gear Orders:

    • Once your order is placed, it cannot be altered or canceled. All sales are final. Returns and exchanges are not accepted.

    • Please allow approximately 7-10 days for your new gear to be transformed into a personalized pre-owned delight, based on your selected "additions." Delivery within the USA typically takes around 2-4 days.

    • Pre-owned gear is intended for your personal enjoyment, unless explicitly shared with a consenting partner who is aware of its pre-owned status (e.g., a combination of lubricant and other delightful fluids).

    • Bearback LLC takes no responsibility for any situations that may arise from ordering or using pre-owned gear. Bearback LLC merely facilitates the availability of these items and is not responsible for the "additions" applied to the Bearback gear.

    • For any feedback or queries, please reach out to Bruce at