PnB Kit (Make $ Going Bearback)

PnB Kit (Make $ Going Bearback)

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PnB - Party And Bearback Reseller Program

Bearback only offers top-quality handmade in California gear that makes going bareback the best experience it can ever be! In 2023 our goals are to continue our retail reach and we need your help - and we are paying you! (This is NOT an MLM.)

Introducing PnB:

Since many of our Tribe members ask if we sell our products in stores near them, and in most case, we don't (as of now.) The PnB program is our way of paying our Tribe members to help get us into their favorite stores and buddies' paws and holes.


How You Make Money:

After joining the PnB program, which only takes you ordering the PnB kit and then waiting up to 1 week for us to add you to our reseller portal, you will then make 15% off any orders your buddies place - without the need for any innovatory ever! (We also handle all customer questions and feedback - so just direct the Tribe member to email Bearback at

As a bonus, when you make the connection to have us sell in any retail store you will earn 15% off of the first 4 orders that store places. 

The World's First Queer Reseller Program:

Okay, now you may be saying "this sounds like an MLM", though the PnB program isn't an MLM because you won't make any money by having your buddies join the program to sell too. You also won't make any money off of orders from your buddies that sign up for the PnB program - this ensures no one is pressuring others to join or sell.

By promoting Bearback products via your unique link/code in whatever manner you want, you will still earn 15% off those orders - so get creative and make this your new side hustle, or even full-income job! (Btw, you aren't a Bearback employee so you can pick and make your own hours.) 


Have 75 buddies place an order in 90 days and earn a $200 bonus!
(You can earn this every 90 days - No Cap!) 
(Count resets every 90 days)


Earn more $ with our "Forever Earnings":

The affiliate is linked to the customer who they originally referred and receives commissions on all of this customer’s future orders (even without the customer clicking an affiliate link at a 10% earning rate) 

For example, you (affiliate A,) brings customer Bruce to your store and Bruce places an order via A's link. A few months later, Bruce places another order - this time via affiliate B's link. A is again credited for this order and not B. A couple of months later, Bruce returns to your store just again - this time on a different device and not using any affiliate links. Affiliate A is also attributed again!


When you sign up for the PnB service you are purchasing this kit that contains a set (2qty total) of The Best Bearback Lube Ever at a non-discounted rate + a one-time membership fee (no annual fees.) PnB kit and/or one-time membership fee is not returnable or exchangeable.

The PnB Kit comes with:

2 bottles of The Best Bearback Lube Ever:
One is meant to be used as an un-used/new example to show the product in perfect condition & one is used as a sampling bottle

100qty Small Wooden Sample Spoons:
Use these to scoop out the lube from it's bottle to keep various fingers out of the bottle - unlike your favorite bottom.

Access to our product imagery and marketing files: (cuming soon)
Need help promoting? Use the pre-made marketing and product imagery we offer to easily promote and sell your new adult reselling business while keeping the Bearback brand respected and of top quality. 

Personal Discount Code (Sent via Email 30 days After Sign Up)
Get a special code to order your own Bearback gear and refills of your sample products. (You won't make money off of orders you place w/ your personal discount)

Running out of lube for your sample bottle:
Given too many "hands/holes-on demos" of the products and need to restock your sample gear? All you have to do is use your personal discount for a new product.

Although this kit only "cums" with two bottles of The Best Bearback Lube Ever, you can order other products via your personal discount code and then use those products to show off other Bearback gear and entice your buddies to order/reorder their favorite new adult gear. Be your own boss and hustle however you want!


Some Ways to Sell:

This program is meant to support the expansion of the Bearback tribe by offering a new revenue stream for Tribe members when they have their buddies go Bearback in person and/or virtually.

1. Host a "parTy":

Having a few buddies over for a bating session or orgy or just hanging out to watch Drag Race? Well, start that evening with a short (pre-made by Bearback) presentation about our products and show off why going Bearback is the way to go. If your buddies go online and order via your unique link/code you will make 15% of their product total amount. (Remember there are no referral bonuses so don't pressure your buddies into buying something or having them join the PnB program.)

2. Go Live on social media platforms:

Show off Bearback products to your followers and have them order through your link/code and get 15% of their product total amount - while your Tribe member (customer) saves 10%. 

3. Sell to your favorite adult stores and venues:

Reach out to places you believe would love to offer Bearback products to their tribe and then we handle the rest. We will pay you 15% on the first 4 orders that the store places.


The End:

Yasss, it's that easy and now you can start making money to go Bearback! By your kit now and then wait for the shipping information and another email about being added to the portal and then you are all set. This kit is only needed to be ordered once to have access to the program forever - there are no annual fees. Your payout occurs once per month via Paypal.



Bearback cannot control what occurs at the parties a buddy hosts. We only ask that if you are having buddies over for some barebacking fun everyone is offering their consent at any and all times while ensuring everyone is feeling welcomed, included, and respected.

Bearback is not responsible for any actions that occurred by those in the PnB program. 

You are responsible for any cost and taxes owed for making any income via Bearback as per any legal US job.

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