Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)
Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)

Bruce Stone Scrub (#BlueMagic)(4.5oz)

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Do you have skin? If yes, Bruce Stone (AKA #BlueMagic) is for you!

(Our products are great for those with sensitive skin too!)

 When your skin is cracking, dry, textured, rough, and even callus, Bruce Stone can help those issues.*

 Our highly concentrated formula is only made from top-quality ethically sourced materials and we know you will love getting pampered daily! 

Bruce Stone may look shiny, though there is no glitter or other like products in it. Bruce Stone will not stain your skin, sink, shower or bath. 

 Want to see a cool effect? Place your finger in the bottle and gently swirl it around to see how magical Bruce Stone really looks.


(All Of Our Products Are Chemical Free, Vegan-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, & Have No Added Fragrances)


Soy Bean Oil

(Softens & Hydrates Skin)


Golden Jojoba Oil
(Retains Moisture In Skin & Supports Wound Healing)

- Do not use as medicine -


Volcanic Pumice

(Exfoliates skin & Reduces Rough Texture)


Pure Sugar

(To Aid in Removing Dry/Dead Skin)


Liquid Germall Plus

(This Small Drop Stops All Bacteria Orgies From Forming) 


True Blue Mica Crystals

(Natural Colorizer - No Dyes - Does not Stain Skin or Surfaces) 


 How To Use: (Bruce Stone is safe to use daily)

 1. Bruce Stone is best used after you have cleaned yourself completely in a shower/bath.

 2. Gently mix the contents of the bottle with your finger first. If you only place your finger into the top of the bottle without mixing, you will not get the full effect with exfoliation.

3. Use a one or two-finger scoop of Bruce Stone and apply it to the desired area that needs support. (Only use Bruce Stone on areas such as elbows, knees, feet, and hands, and other areas that don't have much hair. Do not use Bruce Stone on your hole, lips, face or other sensitive areas, and be mindful about using it on any broken skin)

4. After gently massaging Bruce Stone into your skin, fully rinse it off with warm water.

5. Immediately feel how nice, soft, and moisturized your skin feels.

Bonus Tip: Looking for a simple lotion and not wanting to scrub? If you open Bruce Stone after it has been settled for a while, the top layer of Bruce Stone will mostly be just oil and may aid you in solving your dry skin. Use our Double Penetration lotion (sold separately,) Bruce Stone's best friend, as a skin rejuvenating tool.


Extra Information:

* Please be mindful that Bruce Stone is not a heavy-duty callus remover and in some cases, you may need to get a professional treatment to remove excess build-up skin you have. Use Bruce Stone to maintain soft, healthy glowing skin that everyone will want to touch.